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November 19, 2012
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AustriaxShy!Reader- Insecure Edelweiss

The piano room was alive with the beautiful melody that washed out of the grand ebony instrument. Light fingers struck the keys in a specific pattern that weaved about the scale of notes to stitch together a beautiful song. You were invited to listen to the beauty by the performer of the beautiful song. If memory serves you right, the man composed this piece as well. Regardless, the music took hold of you and lifted your spirits.

You sat on a small, white bench flush to a window. Outside, the morning mist was just beginning to melt and the sun was shining through. Warm, thick beams of the sun diffused through the window glass and heated your skin. It was a bit cold in there.

The song that filled the room you had heard many times before. Enjoying the music here was a regular occurrence. You hummed in lightly and eventually began to sing. Quietly of course, but the music took over you and compelled your voice to mingle with it. There were no words to your song, just vowels and supportive sounds that matched the beauty of the music.

"_____," A voice roused you from the warm light and your singing fantasies. You snapped to attention and focused on the man speaking to you. The song had ended abruptly, but you had continued it. How long this went on, you were unsure. A red tint flushed into your features. The man sat at the piano, hands in his lap, feet relaxed on the pedals. The rim of his glasses reflected the light from outside just slightly. "You have a beautiful voice," He said after registering the adorable expression you wore.

"Oh... No... Austria..." You rubbed your neck, the blush growing stronger. You heard him chuckle.

"Now," He abandoned his previous thought and resumed a proper position to play his instrument. "Anything else you would like to hear?" He studied the keys a second more before pushing his glasses higher on his nose and looking back at you for a confirmation.

"Anything," You mused. "I love hearing you play," You propped your elbow up on the windowsill and rested your head in your palm.

Austria cleared his throat and adjusted his ascot before resting his fingers into position. He was about to apply pressure to the keys when he stopped and pulled his hands away. "Actually, I would like to hear you sing, _____," It sounded more like a command then a suggestion. He looked up at you with an expression depicting expectancy.

You stared back, mouth agape, searching desperately for the words to say. "I... I couldn't..." You managed. How could you sing in front of this musical master?

"Yes you can. I heard you a minute ago," His tone was harsh. He sensed so by the way you recoiled. Austria softened and tried a different approach. "Here, I'll play with you," He readjusted his hands and looked back at you. You shook your head and recoiled further. "Is it that you can not think of a song?" You did not reply. He shrugged. "I bet you will know this one," His fingers pressed down and began the tune.

The song struck something from your childhood. It seemed so distant, yet so familiar. Then, it came to you.

"Edelweiss... Edelweiss... Every morning you... greet me..."

Austria grinned. "Louder,"

"Small and... white..." Your voice cracked and you gasped, covering your mouth attempting to take back your mistake. "I can't,"

"Keep going," Austria's voice was firm, but his playing didn't falter.

"You look happy to meet me..."

"Come closer; next to me,"

"Austria, please, I can't do it,"

His playing ended unexpectedly on a quite literal sour note. He rose to his feet after pushing back his bench and walked over to you. "_____," The austrian said looking over you, almost glaring. Without completing his thought, he grabbed your hand and dragged you over to his piano. He sat you down on the end of the bench and took his place next to you. He readied his hands and started from the beginning once more. "Now sing,"

"E-edelweiss. Edelweiss," You started as soon as you could, seeing his temper on its last leg. Your voice was crisp and clear and blended beautifully with the music. "Every morning you greet me. Small and white, clean and bright. You look happy to meet me," Austria bobbed in rhythm next to you, enthralled in your voice, conscious of just enough reality to continue his part on the piano.

"Edelweiss, edelweiss

Every morning you greet, me

Small and white

Clean and bright

You look happy to meet, me

Blossom of snow

May you bloom and grow,

Bloom and grow forever

Edelweiss, edelweiss

Bless my homeland forever,"

By the time the piano took over for the portion of the song, your confidence began to rise. You swayed dreamily, being swept away by the music that the two of you were creating. Austira's violet gaze drifted to you often, watching your face blend with the sounds, telling a story all its own, a story of his beloved flower.

The song ended with a beautiful chord of voice and piano. Silence thickened the room after the piano had quieted, soon nothing but the sound of sunshine was heard. Your shy blockade had risen up again and you made yourself shrink. Without a word, you stood and retraced your steps back to your seat by the window, making sure to keep your interest focused outside.


Clouds were coming in you noticed.


It looked like rain.

"_____, look at me,"

You braved a glance at Austria before looking back out the window. Your face was hot again and you knew it was bright red. You felt someone sit next to you.

"I don't understand why you act like this," Austria sighed, sounding slightly annoyed. "You always do! Every time anyone tells you how great you are you, you transform into this... Clam!" He gestured to your curled up position and scoffed. "If only you could see how amazing you really are- how I see you," You turned to him, shocked by his comment. But he was already walking back towards his piano. He was closing his instrment and filing his sheetmusic. "I think that's enough for today, _____. You can go now," You looked down, feeling a bit ashamed. You didn't know why you were always so shy, especially around him. Maybe it was because he's so refined and talented and handsome...


"I'm sorry, Austria," You mumbled as you walked past him, heading for the door. "I've just never sung in front of anyone before and... I was just scared," Trying to explain proved a challenge, for it took you so long to explain it to yourself. He looked at you, an eyebrow raised in annoyance.

"You shouldn't be afraid of something wonderful," He said walking towards you. "That voice of yours is really something special," You looked up at him, the blush growing steadily stronger.

"Oh... I ... T-thank you..." You corrected yourself. Austria smiled.

"Good," A hand snaked around your neck and pulled you toward him. A light kiss was planted on your lips. You had just enough time to kiss back before you broke apart. Your (eye color) gaze collided with his. He looked at you with a blush streaking his face which made you giggle. The man turned to his piano and pushed up his glasses in an attempt to hide it all.

"Austria," He looked back at you, his blush far from gone. "Do you think I can sing with you again?"
Finally got this up... Holy cow

I haven't found that many Austria readers out there and so I decided to make one of my own :meow: And the reader is kinda based on me... I'm super shy... Especially around the handsome folk... :XD:

So for those of you who don't know (or have never seen the movie Sound of Music) Edelwiess is Austria's national flower. And the song is from the movie, The Sound of Music.

Here's the song with piano- [link]
Here's the original- [link]

Oh Austria...

I do not own Austria or the Edelweiss song or you.
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Aww. I found this kinda by accident. Edelweiss being in the title only was enough to get the song stuck in my head before I could even read anything more. Love this =)
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Don't worry, I'll read ALL your Austria fanfics!
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In the first part of the singing, before I sang Edelweiss, I was humming The Sound of Music. Not all the songs form the movie, but the one in the beginning. :aww: THE FLUFFLEZ CAUGHT ME TOO--
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