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December 1, 2012
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CanadaxReader- Actually... (for Anonymous-Lizard)

   It was early fall on campus where you sat beneath the tall maple in the courtyard. It's shedding leaves had plastered to the bench around you. There was just a big enough gap in the wet leaves for you to sit down comfortably. The chilly air turned your ears and nose a dusty pink. Your breath was also visible, clouding your view of the letter you were writing.

You were writing to him again. Your cold knuckles held your notebook and pencil and you wrote nervously, responding to the one he had sent you over a month ago. It seemed like forever since you two talked. With school starting up again, everything seemed like a struggle. You tucked the pencil behind your ear and slipped his now crumpled letter out from your (jacket type) jacket. Scanning your eyes over the handwritten note once more made the chill of autumn disappear, being replaced with the joy of his words.

Without knowing, a smile had spread across your face thinking about his expression once he read your letter. He was so shy, it was cute to see him react to things like this. The last time you two met face to face was about three months ago when you met half way. You giggled remembering the events of the week you spent together then.

"_____?" An insolent voice broke through your daydreams and dragged you back to the bench beneath the maple tree. You looked up from the letter and into the eyes of (popular girl at school). Her posse was in tow behind her, glaring over her shoulder at you. The corners of your mouth drooped.

"Yes?" You asked shyly, placing a protective arm over your paper. The girl scoffed.

"Well what's this? What are you hiding?" She snatched the note from beneath your arm. You took a grab at it but she lifted it just out of your reach. She began to read it along with the girls surrounding her. They glanced at you frequently at sensitive parts of the writings. Your face began to turn red.

"Who's this mystery boy you're writing to, _____? It can't be a boyfriend," She crumpled up the paper and threw it at you, hitting you between the eyes, causing your embarrassment to rise even more. "You don't have a boyfriend- unlike us, right girls?" The posse chimed in with agreement. Bending down to receive your note, you mustered up a large amount of courage before standing and looking the girl straight it the eyes.

"No..." You smiled pleasantly, absentmindedly attempting to flatten the paper. "I do. His name is Matthew... Matthew Williams," His name bounced off your lips making them tingle. You sighed and continued, "He has blonde hair... Like me... Accept a bit more sandy..." The girls were sizing you up in disgust, rolling their eyes dramatically, trying to push you down. It wasn't working this time. "He... He has these amazing blue eyes. Every time I look at them they just, capture me in their depths, and they are just behind the cutest glasses! And.. he's really sweet..." You rubbed the back of your neck, smitten by just the thought of him.

"Oh yea?" One of (popular girl's) friends spoke up. "How did you meet this 'dreamboat'?"

"Over the internet, actually," You said matter-of-factly. "Just randomly and we started talking. He lives in Canada!" You tilted your head and smiled. "He says he gets mistaken for his American brother but... I always can tell the difference. He's quiet for one, and kinda like me. We never get noticed much," You made sure to make eye contact with each of the girls at that last statement. The girls all stared at you in disbelief.

"That's a lie," (popular girl) said. You lowered our gaze.

"It's true," You whispered.

"Oh my god, get out of here, _____," The girl waved you away before her and her gang turned and dismissed themselves. Looking up into the sky, you saw a bright red maple leaf detach from the tree's clutches and drift to the ground. It floated right past a man who was steadily crossing the grass toward you. You gasped when you realized it was your Matthew Williams.

"Eh... Hi, _____," He lifted his hand in greeting. Before he could open his mouth to speak again, you ran into his arms and locked your arms around his neck.

"Mattie! W-what are you doing here?" You said muffled into his shoulder. The girls stood a good distance away, gawking at the handsome Canadian that caressed you.

"I sent you a letter... I said I was going to come visit you..." you frowned. "Did you not get it?" You shook your head the smile returning.

"This is amazing though! I can't believe you're here!" You pressed him closer to you and kissed him. His hands slid down your arms until they locked with yours.

"What's this?" He said once his hands made contact with the letter you still held.

You blushed and held up the unfinished letter. "I was just responding to your note I got a month ago..." He smiled and held out his hand.

"May I read it?" Canada asked shyly. You nodded and handed him the letter. Before beginning to read it, he walked over to the bench and sat down. He pushed up his glasses and started to read.

'Hi again!

You have no idea how much I miss you. I'm sorry I haven't been able to write lately... School has been brutal. Homework is piling up and school just started! I'm sitting under a maple tree while I'm writing this. It made me think of you. I have a feeling I'll spend a lot of my time here.' Canada was smiling as he read the last of the unfinished note.

"Heh... Thank you, _____. I missed you alot too," He pulled you to his lips with a firm hand behind your neck. You inhaled his sweet scent of maple syrup and fall. When you broke apart, you rested your head on his chest and bundled up with him, the fall breeze was kicking up and it was chilling you to the bone.
Yay! Another sort of request thingy!

Here you go ~Anonymous-Lizard, your awesome cover story man!!!

I hope I didd't beat up the reader too much with your popular girl... And I hope I included enough Canada...
Yay another cheesy ending... :XD: I need to be more creative...

I don't own Canada!!!
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