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November 20, 2012
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CanadaxReader- Never Been Noticed Before

   The blonde walked discouraged down the halls of the grand place. He had once again been mistaken for America. It seemed like it was happening more and more frequently.
   "Darn it, one day I'll give those guys what for!" He tightened a fist of determination and raised it above his head. "I am Canada, dang it!" The man looked around. No one but Kumajiro was near and the white bear was rolling around on the floor and could care less about the country. He sighed and dropped his arm. "And that's my problem, eh?" He leaned up against the nearest wall. "I'm Canada," Gravity pushed him down until he was sitting on the ground. The polar bear waddled up to him and rested his head on Canada's lap.

"Who are you?" he asked quietly.

"You know who I am," He closed his eyes and leaned back his head.

"Um, excuse me, sir?" A voice beckoned Canada to awaken. His eyes fluttered open and focused in upon your face. Your big (eye color) eyes were staring curiously at the man who was sleeping on the floor. Instinctively, he looked about, seeing who else you could possibly be talking to.

"M-me?" He pointed to his chest in shock.

"Well who else, silly!" You extended a hand for him to pull himself up.

He laughed uneasily and grabbed your hand. You hauled him to his feet and helped him brush off the dirt and polar bear hair that had collected on his shirt.

"What were you doing on the floor?" You asked the man, concerned. Canada looked over his shoulder again.

"You know I'm not America, right?" He mumbled picking up Kumajiro and hugging him around his chest, dismissing your question.

You scoffed. "Well of course! I passed by him a while ago. I'm _____," You smiled and held out your hand. "Who are you?"

That same question that always came Canada's way... He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. "Eh... I'm Canada. I wouldn't expect you to know, no one ever does," He shook your hand.

"That's so great! I met everyone already and was wondering if there was a Canada here," You giggled. Canada was staring blankly at you.

"Did France or America pay you to do this?"

You looked at him confused. "N-no..."

"Then why are you talking to me?" Canada cut you off looking at his feet. "I'm supposed to be invisible," You stared at him, not knowing what to say. His head snapped up suddenly. Kumajiro squirmed from his grasp and sat on the ground looking up at the two. "You aren't supposed to notice me! I've never been noticed before and this is wrong!" He shoved you back, almost causing you to fall. "I don't care how much those guys are paying you to mess with me but... Just.. JUST CUT IT OUT!"

You looked at him in shock. "I'm not t-trying to mess with you," You looked away and found yourself locking eyes with Kumajiro.

"You made Mattie cry," He pointed a stumpy paw up to his master. Sure enough, salty tears were streaming down his face.

"My role is to be invisible," He said wiping his eyes. "Why are you the only person able to recognize me?" You shrugged, not really understanding him at all.

"Dude, why are you crying? Grow a pair! This girl isn't that mean, is she?" America had come up behind you and was looking at the pathetic country.

"I... I hope I didn't upset you," You said to Canada, ignoring the outspoken American who was munching on a hamburger in your ear. The blonde had composed himself and took up Kumajiro in his arms again.

"I'm fine," he said before turning and walking away.

"Geez dude, what did you do?" Before you could comprehend what he said, you were running after the Canadian.

When you found him he was sitting at a small table by a window. Placed in front of him was a thick stack of pancakes swimming in maple syrup. You approached with caution, since he didn't see you yet. He had just stuffed a mouthful of syrup drenched pancakes into his mouth when he noticed you. His expression changed to a cute look of surprise.

"Ahh... I just... wanted to apologize for everything," you rubbed your arm uncomfortably. "I really didn't mean to make you upset,"

"So, you really wanted to get to know me?" he asked shyly. You nodded. He smiled. "Why?"

"Because I notice you,"
Short cheesy Canada reader ftw!

So this was supposed to be set in the 'world meeting' place, but I diddn't really know how to describe it or get it out there, so, I'm telling you here. :D


I do not own Canada, or America, or France, or even Kumajiro... So yea :)
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This really touched me, since I can relate to Canada. My friends sometimes take my quiet nature for granted, and they don't listen to me very often. They only time the hear is when I'm serious or angry.

The last line is just so beautiful....
sadmac356 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014
It seems sad that I really related to Canada here.
RythmicRays Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oh me too. It used to be worse, but I made friends! 
Dun be sad my friend! :hug:
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Yeah, I have.
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Very epic story bro. *Le golf clap*
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Aw man I'm sorry... :XD:

Thank you though!
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